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HABA TOYS301704 Motor Skills Board Motorcade €24
303710 Rainbow Moons Matching Game...
Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS301703 Magical Pyramids Arranging Game €24
HABA TOYS303668 Animal Parade Arranging Game €20
HABA TOYS302578 Rainbow Caterpillar Arranging Game €22
HABA TOYS301703 - As before
HABA TOYS302913 Kasper Stacking Game  Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS302914 Giraffe Stacking Game €18
HABA TOYS302915 Frog Stacking Game €18
HABA TOYS303711 Crazy Angles Stacking Game
Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS303228 Rainbow Rocker €24

HABA TOYS303228 Rainbow Rocker €24

303709 Amazing World Game
Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS2426 Plug & Stack Master Builder €34
HABA TOYS2426 - See left

HABA TOYS301551 Flower Garden Peg Game €39
HABA TOYS302924 Building Site Peg Game €34
HABA TOYS302925 Cat & Mouse Peg Game €34
HABA TOYS5675 Smart Fellow Peg Game €40
HABA TOYS5675 As before
HABA TOYS5675 Smart Fellow Peg Game €40
HABA TOYS2188 Colour Fun Peg Game €39
HABA TOYS2188 As before
HABA TOYS2202 Rainbow Whirls Peg Game €34
HABA TOYS2230 Colour Pictures Peg Game €20
HABA TOYS2231 See Right
HABA TOYS2231 Peg Game €40  

Stacking, Sorting & Threading Games...
HABA TOYS303708 Animal High-Rise Stacking Game €24
HABA TOYS2215 Rainbow Tower €21

HABA TOYS300145 Wigglefants Stacking Game €27
HABA TOYS301200 5-1 Mini Monsters Stacking Games €32
HABA TOYS302576 Magic Flowers Stacking Game €29
HABA TOYS5879 On the Farm Stacking Cubes €22
HABA TOYS302030 See right
HABA TOYS302030 Rapunzel Stacking Cubes €19
HABA TOYS302030 See left

HABA TOYS301701 Zoo Keeper Sorting Box...   Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS303390 Lets Fix It Sorting Box  Coming soon..
HABA TOYS2389 Animals Sorting Box €39  
HABA TOYS301199 Plug & Explore Sorting Box €38 
HABA TOYS2332 Curioso Shape Sorter €47 incl. 8 blocks 
HABA TOYS302973 Snack-Stack Shape Sorter €24 
HABA TOYS301697 - see right 
HABA TOYS301697 Rainbow Carousel Shape Sorter €35 
HABA TOYS301697 - see left
HABA TOYS300553 Shape Mix Sorting Game €29 
HABA TOYS300553 Shape Mix Sorting Game €29 

300498 Colour Charm Sorting Game €24 
HABA TOYS303231 Fire! Fire! Threading Game €6
HABA TOYS303232 Construction Crane Threading Game €6 
HABA TOYS303233 Kitty Klub Threading game €6 
HABA TOYS301124 Butterfly Threading Game €24 
HABA TOYS301125 Gretas Garden Lodge Threading Game €25 

Tack Games...
HABA TOYS2300 Geo Shape Tack Zap €23
HABA TOYS2310 Large /geo Shape Tack Zap €39
HABA TOYS2369 On Duty Tack Zap €22
HABA TOYS2377 Springtime Butterflies Tack Zap €22
HABA TOYS2377 see left
HABA TOYS2377 see left
HABA TOYS2380 Farmyard Tack Zap €33
HABA TOYS2381 see right
HABA TOYS2381 Traffic Zack Tap €33  
303821 Orchard Motor Skills Game €
Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS300681 Bear House Wooden Puzzle €24
303768 Farm Friends Wooden Puzzle €
Coming Soon...
Toys For Infants...
HABA TOYS301707 Beetle Bodo €24
303876 Dragon Duri €
Coming Soon...
303877 Mouse Merli €
Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS5147 - see right
HABA TOYS5147 Meadow Friends Activity Spiral €40
HABA TOYS301833 Spring Worm Activity Spiral €19
303881 Mouse Merli & Dragon Duri Activity Spiral €
Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS300941 Charlie Punch PlayWrap €28
HABA TOYS301673 Happy Trails PlayWrap €22
HABA TOYS3893 Flower Friends PlayWrap €24
HABA TOYS3893 - see left
HABA TOYS3894 Chuff-chuff PlayWrap €24
300146 Fabric Book Elephant Egon €
Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS301852 Spring Meadow PlayWrap €22 
HABA TOYS301852 - see left 
HABA TOYS303152 Fabric Book Gallivanting Goose €22 
HABA TOYS303152 Fabric Book - see left 
HABA TOYS303143 Baby Photo Album, Playmates € 
Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS1268 Rattling Figure Moby €17
HABA TOYS1274 Rattling Figure Piro €15 
HABA TOYS302938 Clutching Toy Mini Butterfly €15 
HABA TOYS3251 Clutching Toy Whirlygig €14 
HABA TOYS3743 Clutching Toy Sunni €15 
HABA TOYS302939 Clutching Toy Mini Frog €15 
HABA TOYS3742 Clutching Toy Viva €21 
HABA TOYS5124 Clutching Toy Tirili €24 
HABA TOYS300547 Clutching Toy Kuddel Muddel €20 
303202 Clutching Toy Pond Frog €
Coming soon... 
HABA TOYS301851 Play Figure Spring Butterfly €18 
HABA TOYS302837 Clutching Figure Rainbow Worm €17 
HABA TOYS301858 Clutching Toy Magic Frog €12 
HABA TOYS3438 See right 
HABA TOYS3438 Pulling Crab Calino €26
HABA TOYS300590 Slumber Bear €35 
HABA TOYS300590 see left 
HABA TOYS302506 Slumber Frog €35 

HABA TOYS5849 Roly Poly Kasper €25 
HABA TOYS5859 Roly Poly Frog €25 
HABA TOYS302571 Roly Poly Giraffe €24 
HABA TOYS300421 Roly Poly Horse €25 
HABA TOYS300422 Roly Poly Dragon €25 
HABA TOYS3672 Rainbow Fabric Ball €22 
HABA TOYS302998 Fabric Ball Lino Lemur €19 
HABA TOYS3840 Fabric Ball, Discoverers Meadow €23 
HABA TOYS301672 Discovery Ball €17 
HABA TOYS303219 Fabric Ball Caterpillar Mina €18 
HABA TOYS302511 Musical Box Froggy Felix €30
HABA TOYS302512 Musical Box Sheep Suzy €29 
HABA TOYS303422 Musical Box Road Racer €30 
HABA TOYS300486 Play Glove Little Red Riding Hood Set €22 
HABA TOYS5797 Play glove Friends of the Forest €25 
HABA TOYS302574 Glove Puppet Animal World €22 
HABA TOYS302575 Glove Puppet Fairy Tale Prince/Princess €22 
HABA TOYS303246 Play Figure Caterpillar Mina €18 
HABA TOYS301670 Teether Cuddly Rainbow Round €17 
HABA TOYS301849 Teether Cuddly Spring Flower €17 
HABA TOYS302995 Teether Cuddly Lino Lemur €22 
HABA TOYS1023 Happy Quartet €19 

HABA TOYS300942 Stacking Cubes Charlie Punch €25 
HABA TOYS301859 Play Cube Magic Frog €29 
303878 Play Cubes Mouse Merle & Dragon Duri €
Coming Soon... 
HABA TOYS302866 Water Play Mat Whimsy City €34 
303820 Water Play Mat Fire Brigade €
Coming Soon... 
HABA TOYS301183 Water Play Mat Little Mermaid €47 
HABA TOYS301467 Water Play Mat Little Fog €32 
HABA TOYS301468 Water Play Mat Little Penguin €32 
HABA TOYS301197 Crawling Roller Farm €59 
HABA TOYS302867 Crawling Roller Whimsy City €55

302524 Lion Glove Puppet €22

303882 Mini Mobile Dragon Duri €
Coming soon... 
303883 Mini Mobile Mouse Merli €
Coming Soon...
HABA TOYS3895 Clasp for mobiles €24 

980 Mini Mobile, Little Sheep €19
HABA TOYS980 - See left
HABA TOYS980- See left
HABA TOYS302514 Dream Butterfly Musical Mobile €34
HABA TOYS302584 See right
HABA TOYS302584 Dandelion Dream €29
HABA TOYS303530 Caterpillar Mina Mobile €29
HABA TOYS301254 See right
HABA TOYS301254 Little Birds Mobile €19  
HABA TOYS7171 Snuggling Friends Mobile €13
HABA TOYS7171 See left
HABA TOYS300340 Flower Garden Mobile €21

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