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At DUFFYS TOYWORLD, DUNLEER, we've just added another fab collection to our already impressive range of fun filled, imaginative and creative toys. Introducing the classic style, retro pedal steel cars from Great Gizmos; we love them and we know that you do too...

DON'T FORGET...We deliver nationwide for just €10 per shipment. Call us on 041 685 1861 to place your order today, we'll be delighted to help...!!!

RETRO TOYS & MODELS8306 Baby Walker Truck N/A
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8305 Dalmation Ride-On N/A
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8321 Baby Walker Truck N/A
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8341 Retro Racer, Red 
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8308 Classic Racer, Red 
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8340 Retro Racer, Green 
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8342 Ride-On Aeroplane, Red €109
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8344 Ride-On Rocket, White €109
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8320 Speedster, Fire Engine €109
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8337 Classic Racer, Silver N/A
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8315 Pull Along Wagon N/A
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8301 Speedster, Yellow N/A
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8302 Classic Pedal Car, Green €179
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8304 Classic Pedal Car, Fire Engine €219
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8343 Classic Pedal Car, Pink €179  
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8300 Classic Pedal Car, Red, Square Grille €159
RETRO TOYS & MODELS8311 Classic Pedal Car "Harry" €219

8339 Ride-On Tractor with Trailer €69

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